This is me | Liquid Emotions

This is me. Hanging onto what I know while trying to let go of what I don’t. Captive by what I won’t because the issues are too dense. So attached to the thought that we are; but not defined by what we be. Here’s a little bit more about me. Let’s look into the minds for others. The one’s that struggle with self assurance, identity and self value. We are them and they are me. Basically, take my hand if you struggle, so that we may together. It’s in the middle of the night, yet my eyesight isn’t blurry but redefined by the maturity of the lights this screen captures. Basically, I’m still awake. Not wide but just enough to define the process as I imply the emptiness of meaning. Meaning, if I draw what I drew, would that still make sense to you. Why should you hold back what your mind attacks. Don’t struggle to think if your mind collapse. Let the abstract lead emotions as the liquid fades away but yet to only return the next day. Living for tomorrow’s presence will put the past away, at least for another day. Am I the only one to struggle with hate that comes with the great? Am I the only one who struggles with hanging on because letting go seems far less complicated? Well, this is me. Anxiety. But this will not define me nor take me to that place, where the ropes snap above the lake. Nope. Not today. Not never. I must remain stronger than clever. But what is me? I am a mom of beauty; endorsed by God to rise above the chains that snapped. To be idealistic, an individual with mindful thinking, powerful like the lights that keep on flicking. Liquid emotions with tears in the oceans. Making it difficult to hang on with no emotions left. Abstract thinking that you can see, is just abstract thinking. But…This is me.
-Anonymously Her 

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